Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Weird Human Tricks?

Lately, I've noticed that I can do "weird" thing's that others can't. Not all of them are special. Just some.

I can wiggle my ears

I can wiggle my scalp

I can raise both my eyebrows

I can raise just one (only on my left side)

I can cross both of my eyes

I can roll my tongue into a taco shape

I can flip my tongue on both sides

I can scrunch it up (my tongue) like a clover

I can whistle

I can snap my fingers

I can crack my thumb by moving it in a circular motion

My hand is not flat. It curves up

My pinky isn't right next to my ring finger when my fingers are closed. (does that make sense?)

I can pop my knees

My toes can spread (i can use them like hands..haha)

umm i think that's it.


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