Monday, June 30, 2008

The beauty of good times

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at Aaron Shust's tour schedule and noticed he was gonna stop by Dallas. I really wanted to go because the last time he was near me (in San Antonio) I didn't go because it was on a Sunday and I had classes the next day, but I ended up really regretting it.

So, after prayer I decided to invite 2 of my friends and my sis to go to Dallas with me because I didn't want to go on my own. I had to pray about it because I wanted to make sure that I was not going to idolize the musicians that were going to be there. I wanted to make sure my intentions were pure and I was going for a worship experience.

Amazingly, my sis and my friend Sarah decided to join me. It was really cool because they're usually not into that sorta thing. Laura couldn't go because she had to work =(. A week later I also found out that Faith was gonna be there! That was so freaking awesome because I hadn't seen her in 3 years because she moved to Denton after she received her degree.

Anyways, We got there on Friday and I got to meet David Crowder!! This is the second time I've been led in worship by him and it was amazing. He sang my favorite song, "O Praise Him," and it was just an overall awesome experience.

Then Saturday we woke up bright and early and went to Dealey Plaza to see where JFK was assassinated, and then headed back to Celebrate Freedom.

I was so0o00o looking forward to Saturday because Aaron Shust was going to perform. I've only seen him once and he was opening up for Michael W. Smith.

I headed towards the autograph booth around 3:30 because I knew Aaron was going to be signing around 4:30, and I really wanted to meet him. As I was waiting in line I see him walk up to the tent and I scream "oh my gosh that's Aaron Shust!!!!" I run up to the table and see him getting prepared for an interview. I took like a million pictures, and I felt like a paparazzi person! I was a little embarrassed afterwards, but oh well! lol.

After the interview he headed towards the table where I was at and he talked to me!!! I couldn't believe it. He was also nice enough to take a picture with me.

I was so excited about FINALLY meeting him. The music/lyrics that the Lord has blessed him with has really ministered to me in a way that other Christian artists don't quite capture. I mean I really enjoy David Crowder Band and Chris Tomlin, but if Aaron wasn't around I'm not quite sure how my worship time would look like.

After I got his autograph I headed to the stadium so I could get a good seat and I saw Jaci V performing which was really neat. During her performance they interrupted it a lil and told us to brace ourselves for a lil rain which I kind of welcomed because it was scorching outside!!! After Jaci performed Meredith took the stage for one song and I could see Aaron and Duffy on stage setting up all the equipment and doing a sound check.


After Meredith sang she said "help me welcome Aaron Shust," and my friends and I screamed!!!! But he didn't come out.... Instead, a person from KLTY came out and said "the show has been suspended. take shelter in your cars!"


I thought it was a joke. Seriously

I was thinking please, just let him sing ONE song =(

but an hour later we found out that the show was canceled

I was bummed at first, but I got over it fairly quickly because I freaking met Aaron. He actually knows I exist! lol. Hopefully, I'll see him perform when he tours for his new album. I would seriously do it all over again.

A stay at the Holiday Inn $90
Gas from Houston to Dallas $150
Merchandise $25
Food $30
Meeting Aaron Shust and being led in worship by DCB- PRICELESS
Road tripping with friends- Priceless

Monday, June 23, 2008

An amazing night of worship!

I saw Smitty for the second time ever on Friday. He was doing a live recording in Houston and the concert was free. That was really cool because I would of paid to see him, so, I kinda felt like I saved some money. Friday was so amazing. I really felt the prescence of God there. Another cool tidbit is he ran right in front of me! That's the closest I've ever been to him. lol.

In between one of his songs he said something really awesome that has stayed with me all weekend. Jesus intercedes for us, he dances over us, he sings over us.

Can you just imagine that??

In the words of Michael W. Smith: Our God is an awesome God!

Praise the Lord for such an amazing night. I hope to have another powerful worship experience this weekend at Celebrate Freedom in Dallas.