Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As an RA at a Christian University i'm seen as sort of a role model. I am supposed to represent Christ to the residents, and help them with their spiritual needs. I have come across many oppurtunities to discuss the Gospel with students that I would never of had the chance to if I wasn't their RA. I have also been able to share how faithful the Lord has been in my life.

However, I'm experiencing a problem. I find myself pouring into others, but I don't have anyone pouring into me, and that is draining. I long to have a mentor. I charge myself through prayer and quiet times, but I feel like I need encouragement from a more mature Christian woman. I have tried looking in my church, but I haven't been very successful, and my mother is not really an option.

If you come across this blog I ask you to please join me in prayer, as I look for someone more mature in their faith to encourage me in my walk with the Lord!

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