Saturday, March 8, 2008


I told my parents I wanted to get baptized, and it didn't go over well. I wish my parents could support me in my decision to be a Baptist.....
They think I'm joining a cult. *sigh* I can only pray that God will soften their hearts.
Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me. Psalm 27:10


Anonymous said...

Well- You ought to do the Right thing-And Listen to Your Heart! I Got Baptized Because Jesus-did and He was setting an Example to us! But if your parents Object- Just Ignore them-You can Secretly Do it.But the more important Thing to do is to become Born-Again By the Spirit Of God as Jesus told Nicodemus so He could Have the Gift of Eternal Life & Fellowship with God FOREVER ! I Know of People who Baptized themselves in the Names of The Father,The Son, and the Holy Spirit in their bathtubs or Showers-just to Show the Lord They Are Seriously going to consecrate themselves to Him- and Follow Him the rest of their lives! Mayra-You're on the Right Path-God Bless You. Just do it !

Aaron Shust said...

I'd encourage you to pray about it (I'm sure you already are) While Jesus told us to make disciples (followers) and baptize them...He also told us to honor our fathers and mothers. Which may mean treating them with respect as you convey to them what it truly means for you to be baptized, even if you need to 'forsake' them, we need to respect them, regardless of our age.
I don't believe that baptism is Necessary for salvation (consider the thief on the cross and all the people before Jesus said those words) but i DO believe He wants us to do it, and that it is an Outward (public) demonstration and proclamation of what you believe. A baptism in a bathtub in secret doesn't quite accomplish that.

Thank God His Spirit guides us in these difficult decisions. Keep listening to Him.