Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have a twwwwwwin!Not really, but it's kinda like we're twins. This girl lives in Houston like me and has my exact first and last name. That's really weird becasue I hardly ever meet other Mayra's and i have NEVER met anyone with my last name that isn't related to me. Another thing we have in common is our age. I know all of this because I found her on facebook a couple of years ago and we talked. Well, today I got a phone call from her mother becasue she thought i was her daughter. I was really confused, and trying to explain to her that I wan't her daughter even though I had the exact name as her daughter...lol. Finally she figured out that she dialed the wrong number. APPARENTLY her daughter and I almost have the exact same number. The only difference is that my number ends with a 3 and the other Mayra's number ends with a 2. How freaky is that????


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JayMae said...

Thats so crazy cool!!newayz i think this is a better blog spot than myspace, its more colorful =D